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Jon Shetler

Senior Associate

Jon Shetler has worked for 30 years in the California workers’ compensation system.  Jon holds a Master of Physical Therapy degree from Loma Linda University and spent 10 years treating workers’ compensation patients.   Jon then transitioned into defending workers’ compensation claims after graduating from the University of San Diego Law School in 2002.  His medical experience and training in physical therapy has been a great asset in defending claims, especially when cross examining medical experts.

Jon is adverse in handling all aspects of a workers’ compensation case from discovery through post-trial appeals.  He has defended the rights of employers ranging from small mom and pop retail stores to nationwide employers and self-insured public entities, obtaining many take-nothing trial verdicts.  Representing such a wide range of clients has allowed Jon to develop a detailed oriented approach to each case, focusing on the litigation needs of the specific client.

Jon was born and raised in San Diego and when not working he enjoys spending time with his wife, three kids and trusted Labrador Retriever.

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